Monday, September 25

Close your eyes

I stick my head out of the window to cool my blood. For almost twenty seconds the broad whoosh of traffic is the ocean.

Friday, September 22

Look around you

Green tea in a white mug. White curtains. Snow globe filled with glitter. This music. These words.

Sunday, September 17

I am a chicken

An ordinarly looking middle-aged black woman, she walked along the pavement shouting 'I am a chicken! Let me lay my eggs!'. She flapped her madness around her like glorious robes.

Road-kill: glimpse of the inside

There was a part that was shining and curved, like the side of a varnished vase.

Saturday, September 9

Friday, September 8

earl grey without milk

each hot mouthful exhaling the fragrance of translucent white flowers

Wednesday, September 6

Being in the world

He observes me from his spot on the dark-green garden shed roof in next door's garden. He is pure white, with a bell hanging from his pink collar - not a single strand of fur is out of place. His whiskers quiver and he turns away to continue with his vigil.

Sunday, September 3

As I think

As I think about what I want to write, a spider with a dark brown abdomen and sandy legs busies himself travelling the edges of his web. From here the strands of spider-silk are invisible.