Sunday, October 22

Nearly the 5th of November

Firecrackers go off like a pan of popcorn left on the motorway by an absent-minded giant.

Sunday, 7am

A speeding ambulance glides past, blue lights flashing. A woman opens her mouth and no sound comes out.

Thursday, October 19

Copper beech

A straggly green parasite with white flowers (is it mistletoe?) is draping itself all over the tree in clumps. I'd like to eat one of Alice's cakes, rip it off, and relieve the beech's dark purple leaves of their burden.

Sunday, October 15

Quietly intact

There is an apple sitting quietly intact in the middle of the road. I swerve gently, not wanting to disturb it this early morning.

Wednesday, October 11

after quiet

the sound of rain sweeps through me, setting off a thousand tiny blossomings

Friday, October 6


Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez echoes through the walkway. I drop my coin into his hat and the music plays on in my head for the next half an hour.

Magpie, flying off

If he could he'd pause for a while as the blood-red leaves are behind him; he's aware of the majestic air they lend to his black and white.

Thursday, October 5


The builder up high on the scaffolding opens his arms and lets out a burst of song. I catch his mate's eye, we exchange a look.

2nd hand cars for sale

They are lined up in a long neat row, their headlights turned away from us, their boots all opened as if they're lifting their skirts.

Tuesday, October 3


Gulls trawl behind it, gobbling the fresh pink worms the blades have pulled from the earth.