Monday, December 31


the christmas tree's arms are tired, they droop at the edges

Sunday, December 30

sunny december day

who thought digging up the thorny brambles strangling the tangled hedge could be so much fun?

Saturday, December 29

sun at the end of 2007

shaggy biscuit-coloured cows cluster in the corner of a sunlit field

Friday, December 28

Thursday, December 27


The Asian lady at the checkout laughes at the size of my shoe-rack as she passes it over the barcode reader. 'I'd need twenty of these in my house!' I imagine her sisters, her children, her grandchildren, their slip-ons and trainers and wellies and stillettos and big furry slippers.

Tuesday, December 25

Monday, December 24

Sunday, December 23

morning routine under the feeder

the pheasant mosies over to rummage about in the grass where seed and peanuts appear each day like manna

Saturday, December 22


Husband: I'm really not 'appy
Wife: 'appy? I think you mean happy!
Husband: (internal grrrr)

Friday, December 21

An old shoe

"At the risk of appearing foolish, a writer sometimes needs to be able to just stand and gape at this or that thing - a sunset or an old shoe - in absolute and simple amazement." Raymond Carver

Thursday, December 20

this slice of fence

this slice of pale and upright fence is half in shadow, half in light
a leafy elder twig has poked its finger through the slat, the wood
is striped with shades of honey, coffee, cream, has scattered eyes

Wednesday, December 19

it's a hard life for cats

the goose-down king-sized plumped-up duvet is rather more attractive than the old and bobbly jumper on the floor, even when he's been unceremoniously lifted off ten or twenty times

Tuesday, December 18

fridge music

not music seeping from the floor above
but the fridge's two-tone rhythmic buzz

Monday, December 17

nearly christmas

the needles already falling - pt pt pt - onto the unopened presents

Sunday, December 16

Visiting the pigs with Esther

Squeaky piglets truffle around in ditches and wander in gangs across the field. Daddy pig, a huge pale lump with tiny eyes, lumbers over to the flimsy wire fence. I marvel at his pigginess, get ready to run.

Saturday, December 15

Toasting marshmallows

Push the plump pink lump onto the spike to make a lollipop: it gives like flesh between your fingers. Find a good small cave of white embers in the fire. Hold it steady, wait until it browns and bubbles, sniff the sweet burning. Bite through the crisp skin into the gooey heart.

Friday, December 14

equal opportunities

the gingerbread gentlemen and the gingerbread ladies were both delicious

Thursday, December 13

Morning theatre

Orange blackbird beak floats in the not-yet-quite-awake morning, a white glove at a Black Light theatre.

Monday, December 10

instillation art

a bright hula-hoop flung high by a child
its yellow looped on a branch
back-lit by the fierce winter sun

Sunday, December 9

Making leaf mould

Gathered damp handfuls of glossy toffee and caramel coloured leaves, pulled from under the hedge and shoved into hungry punctured bin bags.

Saturday, December 8

cold room, hot bath

thick vapour rises and swirls and swirls as if the water is fire

Friday, December 7

note to self: garden gloves

after pushing deep down into the pampas grass tussock to cut the stems of the spent blown-over and broken flowers, and swooshing them through an arc and down onto the gravel with the panicles all at one end, my hands are peppered with elegant crimson slashes

Thursday, December 6

happy b... banner

you can just make out 'happy b...' but the rain has bled the painted words into smears

Wednesday, December 5

Tuesday, December 4

What comes first

The chemical reek of his aftershave comes first around the corner, then the cloud of tinny music leaking from his headphones.

Monday, December 3

Greetings from Michigan

Hiding behind the CD are four paintings, the kind you get in books to help children learn their A B Cs. Brook Trout, White Pine, Petoskey Stone, Painted Turtle.

Saturday, December 1

it's cold outside but coming inside is better than staying inside