Thursday, July 31

Boycy sitting on my lap in the sun lounge

His purr machine is broken and he wheezes out of tune - fwee! fwee! fwee! fwee! fwee!

Tuesday, July 29

Pigeon, Reading Station

One of his feet is obscured by a cauliflower growth. He touches it painfully to the ground and somehow limps along. For a moment he is all the suffering in the world.

Sunday, July 27

a small black fly crawls around the rim of the buttercup's dish, pausing at the centre of each petal

Saturday, July 26


each slice of 'Chioggia' beetroot a blushing sunset

Friday, July 25

Wednesday, July 23

Tuesday, July 22

the bug man comes and sprays white powder - the wasps get slower and slower, then disappear

Monday, July 21

Sunday, July 20

mother blackbird inserts grubs into the gob of her speckled too-big-to-be-fed son

Saturday, July 19

growing monsters

a mere few days of neglect and the neat courgettes have swollen to pappy monster marrows

Thursday, July 17

early morning news

the world is awake before me, busy with consternations

Wednesday, July 16

a drooping spear of buddleia blossom attracts no butterflies

Tuesday, July 15

opening the laptop

my inbox catches words, I conjure my replies and throw them into the air

Sunday, July 13

Saturday, July 12

the drive to the party through open fields is much better than the party

Friday, July 11

celebration chocolate and almond torte

the gaps between the chocolatey crumbs suck in double cream from the bottom up

Thursday, July 10

the hedge between here and the road

a coin-sized gap between blackberry leaves flashes white, grey, white, bright red - each colour the apex of a dragged wet whoosh

Wednesday, July 9

over-affectionate cat claws leave clusters of red blodges on white knees

Tuesday, July 8

So much to choose from

Just this red pepper pot, a little dusty, resting on a sprinkling of crushed peppercorns.

Monday, July 7

Things you can read in this part of the world


Sunday, July 6

short back and sides

reveals mottled patches of orangey moss, parched grass, decapitated weeds amongst the green

Saturday, July 5

I want

that pair of snow-white long-haired boots on the way to the Gay Pride march

Friday, July 4

Thursday, July 3

a blurred bird-shape drifts across the road, the shadow of a sea-creature on the sea bed

Wednesday, July 2

tired of roses, I look instead at the tattered hedge

Tuesday, July 1

scrunching the dill in my small glass vase releases an aniseed bloom