Saturday, January 31

the last logs of the year trasmute into ash

Friday, January 30

a strand of moss tacked to invisible spider thread twists in invisible breeze

Thursday, January 29

Wednesday, January 28

One business consultant speaking to another

It was a bit sticky back plastic but the principle was sound as a pound. It was as if he needed a better guru sitting next to him.

Tuesday, January 27

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apple and mango juice breakfast

outside: grass blades frosted stiff
inside: half a globe of sunshine

Monday, January 26

An untidy hedge, twitching and bouncing in the wind as cars fly past.
A chaffinch sprinkles cheeps on the sweeping whooshes.

Sunday, January 25

Saturday, January 24

Friday, January 23

They pick up a bottle of wine. I think they look like they live on the streets - expensive wine? One of them calls the other round to 'look at sandwiches'. Moments later they walk quickly from the shop without looking back.

Thursday, January 22

after curling up to sleep on the floor my clothes are covered in fluff

Wednesday, January 21

Word-a-day calender: Today's word

Fully aware of the caducity of life, Paul is motivated to live each day to the fullest.

Tuesday, January 20

the sound of the wide blue sky: wood pigeons calling, and behind the rumbling echo of an aeroplane

Monday, January 19

easier to write about this blackbird (here) than the chaotic swirling currents underground

Sunday, January 18

empty wine glass

a stippled snake-skin residue of banana-strawberry smoothie

Saturday, January 17


missa l'homme arme on the radio
many voices stirred into a balm

Friday, January 16

hot chips on the passenger seat: one hand driving

Wednesday, January 14

Sitting meditation with cat

Fatty feels peaky this morning: fur ball imminent. He lies along the length of my left crossed thigh, my breathing this morning accompanied by an oblong of warmth.

Tuesday, January 13

Monday, January 12


cat sick strewn across the kitchen tiles
later, extra loud purring

Sunday, January 11

Saturday, January 10

View from a hotel room high over Buda

Smoke uncurls into the monochrome morning as if from a hundred kettles.

Friday, January 9

small boy trundling suitcase, Luton

he doesn't know my English words, but allows me to lift the bottom of his case and help him up the long long flight of stairs

Thursday, January 8

piping hot tea (one sugar) cancels out wet hair chill

Wednesday, January 7

The lift from the fifth floor down decides to stop at two and go back up to three. Everyone groans, and when we finally get to ground we let out a little cheer.

Tuesday, January 6

Snow in the woods. Amber liquid light. The squirrel is resting his cheek on the tarmac as if he felt sleepy, lay down for some rest.

Monday, January 5

small brown dunnock says 'peep-peep-peep! peep! peep! peep-peep! peep-peep-peep!'

Saturday, January 3


Now I have learnt their names, they visit the feeder most days.

Friday, January 2

Thursday, January 1

Silver on the kitchen table, late evening

her curves cut out against the cool blue star lights reflected in the water of the window