Thursday, April 30

thousands of bright new dandelions in this drifting, roiling snow

Wednesday, April 29

the runner bean seedlings can't wait to reach for the stars

Tuesday, April 28

spherical fuschia-pink peony buds
begin to tilt their shiny petals
exposing a ragged mass of yellow stamens
surrounding three fuschia-pink hearts

Sunday, April 26

At the plant sale

This stretched-out slit-eyed dog's the colour
of fine sand trickled through your fingers,
the edges of the water glinting behind you.

Saturday, April 25

At the trendy album launch

We aren't young any more old. We sit and sip our drinks and talk of growing asparagus.

Friday, April 24

Looking up at cherry blossom: pale pink frilled and silken petticoats.

Thursday, April 23

I can seeeee youuuuuu....

Blackbird puts his head down shyly, scuttles off to hide in the waterfall of pampas grass.

Wednesday, April 22

Tuesday, April 21

In the graveyard

He sits and drinks strong cider, speeding his journey from above ground to underneath.

Sunday, April 19

Rapeseed fields

Flagrant yellow is starting to rise to the surface
as blood comes to the cheeks of a timorous girl.

Saturday, April 18

planting seeds: ingredients

cornflower / sunflower / love-in-the-mist / cosmos / penstemon / dirt

Friday, April 17

one hundred fuschia lipstick coloured tulips
hover above tangles of violet pansies
in crumbling waisted teracotta pots

Thursday, April 16

The nettles outside the window are getting bigger.

Wednesday, April 15

Therapist in the stream

Today she loves her clients. Time flows like water over smooth pebbles.

Tuesday, April 14

a pinprick of blood has found its way from inside me to out

Monday, April 13


I pull the tick off but the flat black head stays in. He meows in pain as I try and try to pincer it out, but he doesn't struggle.

Saturday, April 11

plans for healthy eating crumble like these buttery heart-shaped biscuits fresh from the oven

Friday, April 10

Red Roosters line the windowsills, quietly chitting.

Thursday, April 9

Wednesday, April 8

Garden choral

wind through bamboo leaves
high-pitched twittering
-cuckoo- -cuckoo-
bumblebee drone

Tuesday, April 7

A goldfinch becomes a leaf, floating (resting on the air) from branch to feeder.
A leaf becomes a goldfinch, darting (carried on the air) between two cars.

Monday, April 6

Last year's hundred
fritillary bulbs
have blessed this shady
corner with
two blushing blooms.
Their snakeskin heads hang low.

Sunday, April 5


Last year's Bond is just too much. Give me leisurely panning shots.

Saturday, April 4

First visitor, book signing

Are you the published author? I'm writing a book. It's about animals. It might take me five years to finish. It has an octopus and a cow with udders, the udders are like washing up gloves. It might take me a long time to finish it, maybe five years. It's good to meet you. You're a published author.

Friday, April 3

As soon as I understand the fight it isn't a fight anymore.

Thursday, April 2

light-loving ladybird

papery rustling, and every so often hard shell hurled at metal connects with a -ping!-

Wednesday, April 1

Outside the house, a mound of pheasant feathers, flesh and bones.
His lady-friend now makes her morning feeder visits alone.