Friday, July 31

cat with a scar on his nose rolls over and pwrrrrrrrrrrr!

Thursday, July 30

impatiently waiting for the tomatoes to blush

Wednesday, July 29

a sweeping movement snags attention: a billowing snowy flutterby

Tuesday, July 28

his pride radiates and the rest of the group feel his sun on their faces

Monday, July 27

reading the Times at a music festival

pale grey ovals pattern the newsprint, umbrellas and wellies come out

Sunday, July 26

4am, Camp Bestival

She is hysterical. I want somebody inside my tent! I want somebody inside my tent! Her parents may be nearby, or not. Nobody does anything.

Saturday, July 25

Early morning tent conversation

Mummy's still asleep, darling. Don't wake her up.
Shhh.. don't wake mummy up.
Shhh! Don't wake mummy up!

Friday, July 24

hello small slug

black blob as fat as my thumbnail was hiding in the potato

Thursday, July 23


He hangs from Fatty's mouth like a piece of luggage. Later I find him stretched out on his back, not a mark on him. Dried blood at his mouth.

Wednesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 21

His wheelchair is motorised, hers is not. They link arms. There is enough power for both of them.

Monday, July 20

Listening to Ekhart Tolle in the car by the river

Be like a servant waiting for the return of his master, says Jesus. Rain falls on the car roof: blat, blat, blat. Two camouflaged anglers, loaded up, trundle past. The river runs through me.

Sunday, July 19

two pots of ice-cream in a row (they were only small)

Saturday, July 18

a strange black cat watches me calmly as I weed between the leeks

Thursday, July 16

wingnut music

the clusters of leaves on the wingnut lift and drop in the wind like fingertips on a keyboard

Wednesday, July 15

Tuesday, July 14


clover huddle into their flock on the vast expanse of lawn

Monday, July 13

under great pressure we fracture and a different voice comes through

Saturday, July 11

Dressed all in pink and chubby, she sits contentedly on the lap of the pretty girl with black make-up and a full shoulder tattoo. Her tiny toes poke out from the blanket and wiggle.

Friday, July 10

sweet earthy beetroot slices stain the wooden chopping board

Thursday, July 9

A Chinese woman with faded green hair, she sits on the wall of the graveyard and calls out to me. as I pass. 'I was just thinking to myself, she has beautiful hair. You've got beautiful hair!'

Wednesday, July 8

This morning's pheasant is faded, past his best, but he still enjoys the seeds as much as he ever did.

Tuesday, July 7

Monday, July 6

I pick up the skin-coloured sesame seed from my wrist with the tip of my tongue.

Sunday, July 5

fresh raspberry breakfast plucked from the canes

Saturday, July 4

India's beautiful linea nigra drawn by who? on her blooming blossoming tum

Friday, July 3

Thursday, July 2

Michael the plumber

He cups his ears to the tap and is quiet. 'You can hear the leak that way.'

Wednesday, July 1

red velvet mites perambulate the rolling hills and dips of paving stones