Monday, August 31

late summer sun, as warm as the warmth of spring and even more precious

Sunday, August 30

My nana in the rear view mirror, dressed in white, getting smaller and smaller.

Saturday, August 29

Car ferry, windy and wet

A small girl asks if she can stroke the pug. His owner smiles: she doesn't bite. Smiles float through the pet lounge like butterflies.

Friday, August 28


my mother and father smile at me from their wedding day. they know nothing.

Thursday, August 27

she can't bear for me to go outside and step on her stony drive with my bare feet

Wednesday, August 26

the noise of eight planes in formation shakes a flock of cheeping finches from the tree

Tuesday, August 25

Monday, August 24

The Witching Hour

3 a.m. All is quiet. Stars. Cold plastic chair. Owl music.

Sunday, August 23

Saturday, August 22

Her arms are tattoo-ed, her black hair is hoisted into a high pony tail. Her fringe is a quiff. I want to be her friend. I want to be her.

Friday, August 21

What's the difference between an educationally-challenged Dutch man and a drainpipe?
One's a hollow cylinder and the other's a silly Hollander.

Thursday, August 20

at Pompadour

fresh orange juice
fragrant mint tea
a moist and tasty financier

Wednesday, August 19

At the zoo in Amsterdam

He speaks to me for five minutes in Dutch - I miss my moment to confess, and smile and nod as we watch the Gibbon showing off. Eventually he asks a question and I have to come clean. He switches to English, good natured, tells me he speaks many languages but that he can't guess which to use.

Tuesday, August 18

in the Pancake Bakery

a wooden spoon resting in a big tub of dark molasses at the end of every table

Sunday, August 16

beetroot water boils over and burns, turns the kitchen sweet

Saturday, August 15

robin in the wingnut, chatter, chatter, trill

Friday, August 14


Green and Black oblongs of chocolate filled with oozing caramel: take three times daily until happier

Thursday, August 13

Wednesday, August 12

Erin asks why boys always wee in public places.

Tuesday, August 11

Sunday, August 9

faced with the moon, my mouth forms an 'O' by itself

Saturday, August 8

hoverflies flick and float amongst the fennel stalks

Friday, August 7

mouse under the refrigerator, (huge) spider in the bath

Thursday, August 6

Wednesday, August 5


a heaped spoonful of blackcurrant jam
hot sips of black earl grey
a cuddle of the circle of sleeping cat

Tuesday, August 4

between the noisy computer fan and the rising squeal of the washing machine it feels as if we're getting ready for take-off

Monday, August 3

Sunday, August 2

Single star. Brakelights glow. Headache bearing down.

Saturday, August 1