Saturday, October 31

shiny lucky cat waggles his arm, waggles his arm, waggles his arm

Thursday, October 29

We can't help each other. We can only look on.

Wednesday, October 28


Shifting golden coins on rows of trees.
Punctures from happy-cat claws on my knees.

Tuesday, October 27

my eyelashes scrape on the pillow - a terrible noise

Monday, October 26

the hedge moves politely aside for the violent wind in the lumbering lorry's slipstream

Sunday, October 25

crisp leaves drift and swirl... one more year is fading

Saturday, October 24

a glimpse of the nuthatch's elegant upside-down curve behind the trunk

Friday, October 23

Thursday, October 22

mouse-haired boy, grey striped top, LUMINOUS PINK gloves

Wednesday, October 21

love is checking the colour of someone's phlegm

Tuesday, October 20

Written in child-like capitals on a banner hung from the motorway bridge: GRACEI - TAKE ME BACK.

Monday, October 19

trying not to brave the rain, but welcome it

Sunday, October 18

The last group session

We sit in a circle with threads shimmering between us. On the drive home, poppies on the verge.

Saturday, October 17

by the end we are almost singing with one voice

Friday, October 16

yesterdays porridge is studded with golden apricots

Thursday, October 15

Bad Pictionary player gets the word 'cuff-links'

I draw a picture of hand-cuffs by mistake, and can't understand when nobody gets it.

Wednesday, October 14

woken at 7 am

not twelve men breaking into a sudden low hummed chant, but a motorbike turning at the roundabout outside

Tuesday, October 13

After singing Taize together in the shrine room

Eamon drops Butlers chocolates one by one into a pan of hot milk: before he stirs, the surface is a moon

Monday, October 12

sunlight on the turning Rhus, the peacock whorl, the golden buddha's face

Sunday, October 11

chanting wafts up from downstairs like the smell of (vegetarian) bacon

Saturday, October 10

we sit in a large circle and try to suss each other out

Thursday, October 8

happy birthday to me

a last minute addition to the birthday salad, I pick a punnet of cherry tomatoes with the help of a torch

Wednesday, October 7

I harvest crunchy leaves from Fatty's ringletty belly-fur.

Tuesday, October 6

tarmac stink sticks its fingers in our noses

Monday, October 5

it hurts to swallow. ow....... ow....ow....................ow

Sunday, October 4

Saturday, October 3

Friday, October 2

I flirt with the waiter, get a portion of free roast potatoes.

Thursday, October 1