Monday, November 30

splashed-pink sky

look away for a moment

scarves of cotton wool on blue

look away for a moment

black sheet full of holes

Sunday, November 29

in teeming IKEA, I realise with relief how many things I don't need

Saturday, November 28

thank you Alex

a single exquisite expensive marron glace (my very first)

Friday, November 27

Noel Coward's Private Lives

The jokes about the stillborn sister and hitting a woman like a gong are out of time.

Thursday, November 26

she says tenderhooks not tenterhooks, and the difference makes me love her

Wednesday, November 25


fifty minutes of saying nothing goes as quickly as five

Tuesday, November 24

upside-down Fatty's tummyfur tufts echo the shaggy cushion

Monday, November 23

Sunday, November 22

on the radio they play 'happy when it rains' by the jesus and mary chain and outside it rains and rains and rains

Monday, November 16

Sweet malt on the air, long drafts of malt, sweet malt on the air, a comfort.

Sunday, November 15

His front teeth are gone. He's a young man but the street cakes him. He has a 12 year old son in Ireland. He shows me his finger. He had an accident. They put iodine on it. He's worried it's going septic. He just needs £8.80.

Saturday, November 14

We are all damaged. We sit in a circle. We show each other the dark parts, and the light.

Friday, November 13

logburner, post-fire

through the clearing in the blackened glass, yesterday's pale grey ash

Wednesday, November 11

simple pleasures

return to tea, to a card from a friend, to the shivering autumn leaves

Tuesday, November 10

Monday, November 9

I tease 43 burrs from fatty's fur before he chirrups a warning

Sunday, November 8

Silver kneads the duvet into softness, softness, curls up in a ball.

Saturday, November 7

fireworks day

sprays of light like raindrops falling on water from underneath

Friday, November 6

Thursday, November 5

The man on the radio says, '...this has bled into the public consciousness'. He enunciates the word 'bled' so clearly that I flinch involuntarily.

Wednesday, November 4

oh butter caramel, let me count the ways...

Tuesday, November 3

how to eat

put it on a plate. sit down. light a candle. concentrate.

Monday, November 2

Sunday, November 1

the wind today is horses running in the wind