Thursday, December 31

winter tree draped in hundreds of delicate sun-coloured lights

Wednesday, December 30

new microwave talls me my curry is ready - beep beep beep beep beep

Tuesday, December 29

two humungous bags of washing for tiny baby Maya

Monday, December 28

this new place

the cats spend longer periods away from the safety of under-bed dark

Sunday, December 27

Saturday, December 26

Friday, December 25

Thursday, December 24

Rosie doesn't like the snow: her front wheels spin spin spin

Wednesday, December 23

winter filigree

the world is smeared with white, each slender twig picked out in frost

Tuesday, December 22

Monday, December 21

the white stuff comes down fast and thick.
the evening shines an indigo light all about.

Sunday, December 20

A pair of rooks fly by, and then two more.
The cresent moon and I stay where we are.

Saturday, December 19

At this time of year

The queue stretches back from the post office hatch; a man near the back grumbles about those with too many packages. A notice asks us to be patient at this time of year: Graham can only work as fast as the computer system allows.

Friday, December 18

Moving day

Six carloads back and forth through the snow, my old life shed like a skin.

Tuesday, December 15

just woken up: my murderous cat brings me a mouthful of feathers

Monday, December 14

Sunday, December 13

in bed with Esther and the cats, we pull the duvet up underneath our chins

Saturday, December 12

two cats on the bed and a lazy morning watching other people cook on the television

Friday, December 11

A day of house viewings (with animals)

One next door to a busy vet.
One next door to a dog grooming parlour.
One surrounded by alpacas with liquid eyes and curly mops.

Thursday, December 10

Wednesday, December 9

a disappointing trip to a well known pizza establishment

the pasta is burnt and crispy, then the replacement pizza is little more than tomato spread thinly on bread

Tuesday, December 8

house hunting

before I've even signed the contract I've imagined a whole new life
the next day my brand new life is given to someone else instead

Monday, December 7

Brunswick park

People let their frisky dogs and toddlers off their leads.

Sunday, December 6

He has a narrow black moustache and is dressed like a dandy. He speaks to one of his sales assistants on the phone and calls her poppet.

Saturday, December 5

Friday, December 4

Jay in the tree. Squirrel in the hedge. Fatty on the desk in the way of the keyboard.

Thursday, December 3


I can't tell
whether the bells
are coming from inside or outside the car

Wednesday, December 2

it's just me and the world
it's just the world

Tuesday, December 1

the joke enrages her, she leaves the room
to protect her tender, tender, tender parts