Saturday, February 27

Friday, February 26

the morning light through this wine glass
circled and looped with grooves
a ruby remnant of cranberry juice in the base

Thursday, February 25

the poppy-seed sized germs of poems wobble in and out of sight

Wednesday, February 24

little robin hops onto the swimming pool cover, up to his ankles in water, pulling and pecking at something very tasty

Tuesday, February 23

What is the collective noun for collective nouns?

a peep of chickens, a twack of ducks, a charm of goldfinches, a richness of martins, a stare of owls

Monday, February 22

Sunday, February 21


he spins me into the galaxies but tethers me to the earth

Saturday, February 20

on the banks of the moat

myriad snowdrops can't compete with these feathery tufts of frost

Friday, February 19

Coffee shop, Crystal Palace

The carrot cake and the poppy seed cake is sublime. Her husband is the baker. He brings home new recipes for her to try. She's gone up a dress size since she's worked here. She exudes beauty.

Thursday, February 18

All calm

The catnip mouse has been up and down and up and down the stairs.
Fatty licks his paws and then curls into sleep.

Wednesday, February 17

courting pigeons scribble their delicate shadows across the lawn

Tuesday, February 16

breaking open the banana releases a plume of yellow banana-gas into the car

Monday, February 15

blackbirds scuttle and delve in the grass, their tail-feathers lifting and making the perfect curve

Sunday, February 14

the snowflakes fall on Valentines Day and everything is perfect

Saturday, February 13


He told her he had a metal leg. She wasn't perturbed. She told him she was 35. He slowly backed away.

Friday, February 12

Salsa Valentines ball

Four grown women, sitting and waiting, as shy as thirteen year old girls.

Thursday, February 11

friday symphony

woodsaw. birdsong. nothing. cat-chirrup. nothing. woodsaw. tippetytappety. computer hum.

Wednesday, February 10

owlsong rents holes in the darkness of the room and silvery light streams through

Tuesday, February 9

I thought I was sick of snow, and then I saw it falling afresh.

Monday, February 8

country lane, evening

the deer huddles against the hedge like a man flat against a wall in a detective movie

Sunday, February 7

Saturday, February 6

Up in the walnut tree

Rose-grey pigeon bends his neck and washes his chest like a cat.

Friday, February 5

Her old cat brought in a rook. He held it by the legs and it flapped and flapped.

Thursday, February 4

Conversation: mummy and her tiny daughter with beautiful eyelashes

I want a coke.
Well, you can't have one.
I want a coke.
You can't have one.
I want a coke.
You can't have one.

Wednesday, February 3


a single sequined slipper face down on the tarmac

Tuesday, February 2

buying two kinds of cheesecake doesn't make up for wanting the one they didn't have

Monday, February 1

Beautiful couple in Costa

Both tall and angled. One white with a mohican. Both men. One black with dazzling teeth.