Saturday, July 31


Friday, July 30

Thursday, July 29


Wednesday, July 28

driving home, I remember to live this day and not the others

Tuesday, July 27

sweet reek of incense trickles down the stairs

Monday, July 26

after looking at seventy tea-pots, we find THE perfect one

Sunday, July 25

£1.20 for a bunch of beetroot

He leads us past sunflowers, broad beans, leeks, and pulls five perfect globes from the good dark earth.

Saturday, July 24

Friday, July 23

waking up to

the gentle whispering of rain,
the quiet wheeze of a cat's snore

Thursday, July 22

too long looking into this little screen, I want to look into a face

Wednesday, July 21

a crawking mass of crows transform the blue

Tuesday, July 20

wanting to describe the exact shade of these plastic-like glorious orchids, I find: rose madder

Monday, July 19

waking at 4.45am

wood-pigeons keep me company until everyone agrees the day begins

Sunday, July 18

acrid wafts of cow-parsley accompany this late afternoon sunny-country-lane walker

Saturday, July 17

an enthusiasm of juvenile great-tits mob the peanut feeder

Thursday, July 15

outside, the world is battered about a bit.
inside, muffled sounds of wind like a duvet.

Wednesday, July 14

great mounds of cloud, illuminated.
a pared sliver of moon.

Tuesday, July 13

almost too busy to notice the sound of the rain

Monday, July 12

over breakfast

instead of staring at a screen, I let the walnut tree work its magic on me

Sunday, July 11


no need to fly, my eye swoops over hills and sparkling water,
all of it laid out before us as if we were gods

hare krishna devotees on the isle of wight ferry

after eating rice from huge containers, served by the women, they clap and chant and praise. i consider going over to join them but stay instead with the rest of the passengers, in ones and twos and threes and fours, minding our own business.

Saturday, July 10

in the Woodsman

they discuss their ailing friends over sherry trifle

Friday, July 9

shining my peach before taking a bite releases rich genie-aroma

Thursday, July 8

Wednesday, July 7

a caramel doughnut disappoints: sickly, cloying, wrong. a cup of clear mint tea is what I need.

Tuesday, July 6

marsh tit on the edge of life

feathers scattered across the floor, warm breast beating in my hand

Monday, July 5

old white battle cat

hunches on the wall with a mean expression on his face, as if he owns the place, which he does

Sunday, July 4

after their family party, they come round offering cake and a simple glass vase of dark purple sweet peas laced with lavender.

Saturday, July 3

after walking the Roman wall in Silchester

finding Christ (wood covered in beaten metals: copper, gold) in the holy hush of St. Mary's Church

Friday, July 2

after time apart

in the garden centre eating home-made quiche
we look and suddenly know each other again

Thursday, July 1