Tuesday, August 31

being a therapist

hour after hour of how difficult and how marvellous it is to be alive

Monday, August 30

Sunday, August 29

Littlewick show, in the vegetable tent

cake in the shape of a gammon steak
three cabbages, bigger than you could imagine

Saturday, August 28

a dried-out film of cranberry
the glass waits to be clean

Friday, August 27

rain falls on the skin of the pool, on the red umbrella of the determined swimmer

Thursday, August 26

condensation blooms on the panes: a dying orchid, dust, a dreaming cat

Wednesday, August 25

Tuesday, August 24

Monday, August 23

Sunday, August 22

not the right landlord for us

'cats can climb up drainpipes, can't they? i don't want cat-flaps in my doors. here, they could jump out of this first floor window onto the garage roof...'

Saturday, August 21

seconds of tart plums from france with biscuity buttery crumble

Friday, August 20

she holds the tears back until we get into the car

Thursday, August 19


the deep pink alien flowers fall off one by one

Tuesday, August 17

tea-spoon in wine glass: a makeshift standing bell

Monday, August 16

tipped-over-when-tired redbush tea leaves a rosy blush on the carpet

Sunday, August 15


rectangle petals with zig-zag tips, the field a galaxy

Friday, August 13


the voice of a blue plastic cup set down on this foot-worn ancient stone step

Thursday, August 12

six tubes of silver mournfully pealing in the wind

Wednesday, August 11

Caroline's bread spread with ginger marmalade
(extra love kneaded in)

Tuesday, August 10

we drive until
the lonely-
pain of being-

Monday, August 9

on a small shelf in the kitchen, a sprouted potato in the shape of a heart

Sunday, August 8

red car through yellow-green fennel, taller than a man

Saturday, August 7

Noirlac Abbey

all this stone, and these spaces are lighter than air

Friday, August 6

pairs of red-black stripy beetles making replicas

Thursday, August 5

Flat on my back, earth offers me
this patch of gold-spotted field
to hold my body safe as we spin
at tremendous speed...

Wednesday, August 4

A ship of cloud drifts towards the sun, uncovers a translucent wafer of moon.

Tuesday, August 3

a whole handful

black and red striped beetles on bright green leaves * friendly skirmishes * deep purple tiny flowers at the centre of every white floret * sharing the washing up * deep orange slugs scattered around the leaf-mold * silence in the bamboo grove * 2 mms of worm inching along the leaf-edge * this cup of sweet black tea

Monday, August 2

fresh mint tea, as clean and sharp as teeth