Sunday, October 31

Saturday, October 30

moss grows mouth-watering green on the unwalked / undriven-on centre of the track

Friday, October 29

from through the walls, her newborn mewls and mewls

Thursday, October 28

across the ploughed field
trees sing their luminous yellow

Wednesday, October 27

she bends to her cello and out comes autumn, turning

Tuesday, October 26

the tops of turning trees
ruffled and swayed
by late october

Sunday, October 24

After views across the hills too beautiful to cage in words, we eat pasties at St Anne's Well and the children become chickens, running up and down the stone steps, clucking and squawking with glee.

Saturday, October 23

under the weather

dragging myself through the day like the heavy animal carcass I am

Friday, October 22

Thursday, October 21

cat fight

above the violence
puffs of fur float up:
dandelion seeds

Wednesday, October 20

early morning in the shrine room

a tall rectangle of razor-strips of light with
silhouettes of trees, everything SHIMMERs

Tuesday, October 19

sun polishes leaves until they shine
cold breath seeps in at the window

Monday, October 18

how could I describe the green of Caroline's broccoli soup?

Sunday, October 17

Saturday, October 16

digging deep in the trifle bowl: sponge gold

Friday, October 15

Thursday, October 14

Wednesday, October 13

Tuesday, October 12

Monday, October 11

autumn bush clotted and sagging with tangerine berries

Sunday, October 10

amongst the apple trees and views, an antique water tower: flaking pond-weed paint and bark-brown rust, more organic as the years go by

Saturday, October 9

Friday, October 8

next door's washing line

collapsed like an umbrella, gorgeous tangles of yellow loops

Thursday, October 7

the big clean

a year of dust and tiny dirt swirling down the drain

Wednesday, October 6

all through our conversation I sneak glances through the glass behind her: dazzling blue

Tuesday, October 5

grey-and-peach coated Esther leaps at imaginary birds

Monday, October 4

Sunday, October 3

inside, under glass

a steady thrum of rain like fingers loving the knots in my back

Saturday, October 2

fall tree

the tippermost leaves blushing orange-red as if unrooted, turned and dipped in stain

Friday, October 1

new house
two ecstatic-to-be-out-of-the-car-at-last cats