Tuesday, November 30

from the motorway

a crown of snow turns the Malvern hills into Japanese mountains

Monday, November 29

blackbird waits in the frosted bush
the bright stab of his beak matches the berries

Sunday, November 28

grass brushed with white. clouds sinking. steam from a black iron chimney boils and rises.

Saturday, November 27

"Do you know where Ask is?"

"I haven't seen one anywhere. I'd like to go to that restaurant. We've never seen one around here. I know they have one in Birmingham."

Thursday, November 25

pigeons float on ceaceless blue, their wings a stroke of calligrapher's ink

Wednesday, November 24

wanting a break from this word-crammed online world

Tuesday, November 23

after autumn

a scatter of silver leaves cling on to the very tops of the trees

Monday, November 22

baked eggs

golden yolks hide herby mushrooms and squishy garlic cloves

Sunday, November 21

Friday, November 19

Thursday, November 18

home. recent rain on the washing line a string of fairy lights. the hills under mist.

Wednesday, November 17

like a grand old house packed away for the winter
a veil (which mutes all colour) covers the trees, the sky

Tuesday, November 16

from the registry office, the crest of the hills: walkers shrunk to raisins

Monday, November 15

Sunday, November 14

Saturday, November 13


snipped coriander sprinkled on fresh-baked nan

Friday, November 12

the happier the cat, the longer the foot-of-bed stretch

Thursday, November 11

Wednesday, November 10

I rub at my glasses. I can't get these specks to clear.

Tuesday, November 9

cold winter light paints the fence. next door's swing chains sway in the breeze, no children required.

Monday, November 8

from two doors down
peeking round
puncture the dull-grey-green

Sunday, November 7

soft rain sound slips in through a slit in my dreams

Saturday, November 6

Friday, November 5

Fatty curls up on my papers
forcing me to slow down

Thursday, November 4

four piglets in an outside cage, the wind whistling around

Wednesday, November 3

light seeps in at blind edges:
I'm safe in here with my words

Tuesday, November 2

sheep crowd at the fence, meeting a single dark brown calf at the water trough

Monday, November 1

I find them in the conservatory, talking of dads and death