Friday, December 31

morning service

today our radiant golden Buddha is a foil-wrapped solid chocolate

Thursday, December 30

Wednesday, December 29

Tuesday, December 28

a dark crispy layer itches and peels from the slash burn
underneath the skin glistens taut, rosy, trying to heal

Monday, December 27


mother and two teenage daughters at the supermarket. mother spits at oldest 'just get away from me, just get out of my sight'. youngest conspires with mother 'why can't she just be an ordinary person?' oldest swears and goes on ahead, face of fury, heart breaking

Sunday, December 26

the salted caramels I've anticipated for a month disappoint

Saturday, December 25

Friday, December 24

the leather pads of Silver's paws push against my smiling fingertips

Thursday, December 23

Esther's tall dried poppy stems, their crinkled pods pale blue and full of noise

Wednesday, December 22

snowed in

pausing at the blind I remember to open the slats and gaze at the iced and beautiful world

Tuesday, December 21

blackbird sits
fat with cold
on the washing line pole

Monday, December 20

empty bush

yesterday's bunches of orange berries stripped hungrily bare

Sunday, December 19

through binoculars

redwings clot the bush with orange berries
the tangerine blush on their chests a perfect match

Saturday, December 18

essence of ginger sloshed in the bath
my mist begins to lift

Friday, December 17

black cat pats at a twisted length of golden ribbon


between fingertips and the skin that crinkles when I smile, noticing the texture of crystals of salt

Thursday, December 16

even guitar-tuning can sound sweet if you listen with the right ears

Wednesday, December 15

yoga class, relaxation

on every forehead, her finger daubs a warm smear of lavender oil

Tuesday, December 14

a pause in stirring: the almost-done porridge breathes

Monday, December 13

in the garden next door chairs lean forward, rest their chins on the table, wait for spring.

Saturday, December 11

Friday, December 10

Thursday, December 9

Kaspa polishes the tiny silver spoons until they gather all the light into their arms

Wednesday, December 8

Tuesday, December 7

Fatty comes up the bed for his morning cuddle too early. My fractious dreams are soaked in gravelly purr.

Monday, December 6

a million paintbrushes dipped in white have beautified every twig

Sunday, December 5

Saturday, December 4

christmas wrapping

a smattering of small gold disks, punched out from home-made tags

Friday, December 3

Wednesday, December 1

child's kite caught on the powerlines by the tip of its wing