Monday, April 30

Roshi's hunted leaf has a heart-shaped hole

Sunday, April 29

new house

we peer in the windows & try to imagine what our life will be

Saturday, April 28

at the garden centre

we don't buy the potted olive trees in the end because they look 'too posh'

Friday, April 27

over brownies we share the highlights & lowlights of our month

Wednesday, April 25

rain on the roof: chitter chittatat chitchit chattery chit

Tuesday, April 24

young Johnson's Blue hardy geraniums, still in bud, but promising vivid-sky-blue blooms that go on forever

Monday, April 23

light through modern stained–glass (a hundred shades of blue)

Sunday, April 22

splitting a buff pistachio shell to reveal the nut: a glorious parrot-green

Saturday, April 21

seven and a half week old Selena, her big dark eyes filled up with awe

Friday, April 20

blossom-laden branches wave at me from across the street. behind, deep & paler slate clouds move almost imperceptibly. the music blares.

Thursday, April 19

Wednesday, April 18

singing an old tune brings old friends to mind

Tuesday, April 17

birds, rainbow

two white specks cross from blue to redorangeyellowgreenblueindigoviolet to blue

Sunday, April 15

cold sweet-tangy bubbles of cranberry juice sipped slowly in a cold conservatory with blue sky all around

Saturday, April 14

litter-pick with friends

who knew picking up cans & pieces of plastic & polystyrene & fragments of glass could be so satisfying

Friday, April 13

silvered drips slipping off the eaves of the shed, rushing down over the strip of thick black shadow under the overhang and then disappearing into the hedge. they will soon reach earth.

Thursday, April 12

walking on the hills in sunshine, a sudden burst of hail - the frozen drops neat & semi-circular like the 'tom thumb' sweets I ate as a child. one slivers down the back of Kaspa's top.

Wednesday, April 11

Tsuki bows & laps at rainwater from the Buddha's cupped hands

Tuesday, April 10

all day people tell me about their lives & light flows out

Monday, April 9

the settling sight of a black cat washing
the sound of rain licking at the roof with tiny tongues
the undulating scent of baking bread
the plastic keys giving under my fingertips
the pink taste of cherry jasmine tea

Sunday, April 8

tomato plant: the smell of shiny red promises

Saturday, April 7

fresh loaf of brown
sounding hollow when knocked
waiting to be opened
& consumed

Friday, April 6

three daft monkeys

up at the front with all the bodies dancing, hotter & hotter
strong wafts of honeysuckle
and later
the salty stink of peanuts

Thursday, April 5

eyes drying from too-much-screen-gazing
just time for one small stone before shutting the lid

Wednesday, April 4

sheep browse the hill
nibbling a little something here, a little something there
the light dims

Tuesday, April 3

Roshi mews at the patio door
'too far to the cat-flap'
his mouth opening soundlessly

Monday, April 2


looking in estate agent windows
trying to imagine a new life

Sunday, April 1

behind the lake
a dark scattering
of snakes head fritillaries