Saturday, June 30

old eucalyptus continues to slough off his skin, long caramel strips hanging down in furled tubes. magpie rests in his branches before continuing. leaves shift in the circling breezes.

Friday, June 29

Thursday, June 28

a gaping hole in the lawn so we can eat glossy pumpkin in the autumn

Wednesday, June 27

Monday, June 25

plucking golden-headed weeds from amongst the tangerine poppies

Sunday, June 24

snipping the head from ginormous slug with loppers: a mix of guilt & glee

Friday, June 22

Thursday, June 21

all our clothes
across the floor
in tattered black bin bags

behind closed doors
hung neatly

if only all of life were as simple

Wednesday, June 20

first bouquet

tangerine daisies
purple sage
nodding grasses

in vases either side of our golden Buddha

Tuesday, June 19

moving day

unexpected - this hour in an empty house with three cats
I start to get my breath back

Saturday, June 16

Monday, June 11

Sunday, June 10

the stress of moving finally gets to me

it is over a choice about the packing boxes that the crack gets wide enough & the stress of the past weeks funnels out as age-old samskaras hold me in agony & in the past

Saturday, June 9

a rogue seed has found its way into the beetroot and stands out fuzzy-stemmed and feather-leaved
it is jealous of the beetroot's elegant red stalk & scarlet-veined leaves
I can't bring myself to pluck it out

Friday, June 8

trying to arrange a mortgage

he wants this. he wants this. he wants this. he gets this wrong. he promises this and it doesn't happen. he gets this wrong. he disagrees with him about what is needed. I move between them all, feeling inadequate and anxious.

Wednesday, June 6

leggy tangerine poppies topple over onto the path

Tuesday, June 5

Roshi balances along the top of the spiky hedge - is this where his pale feet pads get their sprinkle of cuts?

Sunday, June 3


mottled blues & greens & purples with floppy collapsed stems & hanging heads
an under-the-sea creature swaying in the currents

Saturday, June 2

Friday, June 1

the tomato plant grew too heavy for itself last night & bowed in defeat. to the rescue this morning with more bamboo, more string.