Sunday, September 30

meeting Caroline's kittens

Po hasn't met me before but curls into a teensy tabby ball & tucks his head underneath the crook of my elbow

Saturday, September 29

Friday, September 28

the pain of loving with death always just round the corner (or is it the next?)

Thursday, September 27

'Ah, here it is'. With a sinking stomach, finding a huge lump in the thick fur behind Fatty's ear which explains his not-feeling-well. Trying to feel what's inside - is it abscess? Cancer?

Wednesday, September 26

deep purple spiky flowers flank the golden Buddha

Tuesday, September 25

I lost this tuesday. where was the small stone?

Monday, September 24

The familiar hawked beat of a cat puking. That done, Roshi runs in to say hello & purr & get on with the serious business of washing his paws.

Sunday, September 23

Birthday girl in the seat behind me on the train

I got a fairy and a purse.

I want to show daddy my fairy NOW.

I don't want my fairy to fall down the toilet.

Maybe I should hide it so nobody gets it.

Mummy, where is my fairy?!
Good. I wanted to know where she was.

Saturday, September 22

an old couple wait for the train. their hunched backs are like my old cat's spine, felt through his thick fur. they both pace up and down, up and down. she seems unsteady, clings onto a pole for a few moments as she passes. is it pain creasing her face? I look away.

Friday, September 21

these scrunched shoulder muscles refusing to let go...

Thursday, September 20

Wednesday, September 19


his legs ridiculously long, fountaining out from his comma of a body

Tuesday, September 18

feeling poorly

sleep takes me in the afternoon, holding me in its dark and helping my body find an equilibrium again.

Monday, September 17

hearing my sneezenoise:
my small stone arrives

Sunday, September 16

we carry our chairs to the garden boundary where the sun is lingering
watch Roshi chasing his tail
and share air

Saturday, September 15

found small stone: blog junk comment

Τhеѕe are genuinelу enoгmоus
iԁeas in on thе topic of blogging. You have touched some gоoԁ pοints here.
Any waу keеp uρ wrіnting.

Friday, September 14

wind ruffles the grass. a cat tail disappears underneath the rhododendron. a white butterfly jig-jags from right to left. the red red apples shine. everything dancing.

Thursday, September 13

morning sounds

mewing x 2
the ringing avalanche of biscuits-into-bowl
enthusiastic crunching in stereo

Wednesday, September 12


creamy snow-white greek yoghurt, glossy red grapes, tart cubes of kiwi & honeygranola-icious honey granola

Monday, September 10

a car pauses outside and the engine purrs
in the distance are spiralling sirens
cool air leaks in at the window

Sunday, September 9

in the garden centre

sizing up shrubs as if at a singles bar
wondering who we'd like to spend our next few decades with

Saturday, September 8


slivers of ripe fig
red grapes sliced into two, the cut edge glinting
mauve yoghurt
the golden crunch of granola

Friday, September 7

Thursday, September 6

the fairytale castle isn't enough to break through my tiredness. we sit on a bench in the children's playground and make friends with a ginger cat. then we go home.

Wednesday, September 5


yolk-yellow splots of lichen on dark grey lumps of slate
two seagulls making an alien racket
the thin piping of a peewit or some other bird-of-the-sea
water slowly filling the estuary
nobody here

Tuesday, September 4

Found small stone, Portmeirion

Er mwyn gweithio'r tap rhaid codi'r ddolen. Byddwch yn ofalus rhag ei agor yn sydyn ac i'r dwr ddod allan yn sydyn a'ch gwlychu. Diolch.

To operate tap you must lift handle. Please take care not to open to fast as water may bounce out of the sink. Thankyou.

Monday, September 3


upside-down candelabra
pink centred
surrounded by virginal white
waiting in the drizzle for sun
giving off its honey scent regardless

Sunday, September 2

we stand in front of the expensive garden Buddha for some time, umming & ahhing. on our way out, we see another one, slightly smaller, with a bigger grin. he is dirty and so the store gives us money off. he will guard our pond when it is dug. until then he sits and watches the hole that isn't yet a hole.

Saturday, September 1

Hare Krishna festival

she spends a long time getting the gobi dots around my right eye and cheekbone exactly right. fuchsia pink. deep blue. white. forest green. when I was them off at the end of the day the pink leaves a ghost on my skin.