Wednesday, October 31

pistachio macaroons: two delicate pale-green discs kissing cream

Tuesday, October 30

a train swooshes behind the tall swaying trees beyond the back hedge. pegs on the line wait patiently for the wet washing. the young cats sprint across the lawn and back again, chasing excitement.

Monday, October 29

our wood-burner chimney purses its lips & whistles a melancholy tune

Sunday, October 28

since Kaspa hoovered
my computer fan
it's quiet
as a

Saturday, October 27

Friday, October 26

pigeons have plucked bare the top of this orange-berry-laden tree

Thursday, October 25


Wednesday, October 24

the shadow of chicory in my mouth

Tuesday, October 23

magpie strutting along the top of the fence
sharp lines between his black & white feathers
the petrol-sheen on his wing glistens 
his voice like a violently-shaken maraca

Monday, October 22

a staleness to my lemon & ginger tea. the silhouette of a black cat behind the clematis. the light already leaving the sky.

Sunday, October 21


out of sorts, I curl up under my fug of scratchy feelings & go to sleep

Saturday, October 20

new group

this one I like. this one I don't like. this one I like. the judgements firing out from all sides.

Friday, October 19

already Friday, and a week's worth of small stones missed

Thursday, October 18

Wednesday, October 17

the still point in the centre of the day
just sitting

Tuesday, October 16

picking up a sleeping cat & moving him from where he shouldn't be

Monday, October 15

morning practice

settling into the silence
the high-pitched twittering of my closed laptop
wet sounds of a cat washing himself
the air moving through the trees outside
the air entering my body

Sunday, October 14

scooping piles of crystal glitter & making snowy hills
where christmas tree sequins will perch
& wait to fly out
to my friends
at xmas

Saturday, October 13

nuggets of translucent plastic bounce off the patio at jaunty angles
soon afterwards, the sun comes to dissolve them

Friday, October 12

Farrow & Ball paint shop: found small stone

Elephant's breath
Smoked trout
Pale hound



Borrowed light
Churlish green
Mouse's back

Thursday, October 11

pulling my attention from the screen, Tsuki's purr-engine revving & revving

Wednesday, October 10

after service

five people
four mugs of spiced berry tea
three mentions of home
two vases of flowers

Tuesday, October 9

late autumn

stealing this big blue-grey wiggly leaf from the pot-plant for my little vase of flowers

Monday, October 8

birthday small stone circles

birthday pear cake
discarded present wrapping
messages on my phone 
far away friends thinking of me
messages on my computer

circled by love

Sunday, October 7

as if threaded with pearls
spiderwebs after rain

Saturday, October 6

the new fur blanket
going down well
with the furry purry members of the family

Friday, October 5

It would be easy to choose this livid red ivy. Instead I pay attention to the dull mustard & dun leaves, fallen, trodden to mush, nearly returned to earth.

Thursday, October 4

train chugs past, interrupting my train of thought

Wednesday, October 3

the tree-with-no-name is now clotted with orange berries. long fronds orangely bob in the breeze. six months ago it was frothing with white blossom. after a winter sleep it will start again.

Tuesday, October 2

a new armchair makes a cosy circle in the room
at the centre - the orange flicker in our woodburner

Monday, October 1

(when I wasn't looking) red is infusing the trees top-down & sunflower-yellow leaves are scattered amongst the green.