Wednesday, February 29

Monday, February 27

a red glow in the church windows as if a small planet is floating above the pews

Sunday, February 26

the young cats leap, ninja-style, in the garden. all over Malvern snowdrops are hanging their heads. the sun warms the wrinkled skin round my eyes.

Saturday, February 25

day retreat

we talk about home, the spiritual path, death. we sit in the early spring sun. we eat chocolate cake. we sit and let the silence and stillness soak in.

Friday, February 24

Thursday, February 23

the Malvern sky

stripes of purple-grey near the horizon, alternating with pinky tangerine, and higher up a scattering of luminous pink cloudlets on blue...

Wednesday, February 22

The building and the people are the same. I don't belong her any more.

Tuesday, February 21

Saturday, February 18

Friday, February 17

Thursday, February 16

sharp flakes of sea-salt swim in liquid caramel: saltiness seeps into sweet & colours the taste

Wednesday, February 15

Tuesday, February 14

inside we consider a new life with the man behind the desk. outside sheep browse the fields.

Monday, February 13

the garden cold & wintered, the memory of reading on blankets in the sun fading

Sunday, February 12

farmer's market

fudge with crushed maltesers in. veggie scotch egg. spinach quiche. happiness in a brown paper bag.

Saturday, February 11

As Keats coughs his consumptive cough in 'Bright Star' I feel my lungs inside me, healthy, pink, and fill with fear.

Friday, February 10


a light dusting: sifted sugar on the gentle dome of a sponge.
the clouds hold their palms towards me, shielding the hills from view.

Thursday, February 9

Wednesday, February 8

shrine with gold accents

intricate brocade on our aqua strip of sari, the rims of the deep blue offering cups, bluish candlelight flickering on the robes of the gold-leafed Buddha, a tongue of flame

Tuesday, February 7

an old ginger & lemon teabag rests on the soil of the pot-plant, waiting patiently to dissolve back into the earth

Sunday, February 5

at the naming ceremony, we hold out two flowers to one year old Ramona. she takes one in each hand, beaming. she doesn't understand the words but she understands love.

Saturday, February 4

the snow follows us from west to east. we stop in a service station and drink coffee. the chairs scrape on the floor and fill the cavernous space.

Friday, February 3

Thursday, February 2

Third day without my laptop. I float between webmail & facebook. I can't get at what will make me feel real.