Sunday, March 31

behind me
cold air strokes my back
an electric tool whines in the distance
nearer, burble of blackbirdsong

Saturday, March 30

a row of hanging white mugs, bright spots of paint on their bottoms

Friday, March 29

in Much Wenlock gallery

we talk about the economy
the rising price of energy
we are surrounded
by what is necessary

Thursday, March 28

Moonlight by Sarah Ross-Thompson

a smear of halo
circling the moon
moon-crested waves in movement
rocks creased
& huge

Wednesday, March 27

dusty red plastic orchids
fail to compete
against bedraggled pansies
one in papery off-white blossom
nodding in the breeze

Tuesday, March 26

from up here I can see how tall the eucalyptus is

Monday, March 25

a translucent glob of goo from my eye.
my body made this.

Sunday, March 24

two salted caramels from the chocolate apothecary kiss in the cellophane bag. they cling on with tendrils of caramel as I pull them apart.

Friday, March 22

the second delicious attempt at millionaire's shortbread
crunchy sand-coloured base, soft fudgey caramel, a shiny white hat

Thursday, March 21

art therapy

whilst snipping pictures from magazines, we talk about the atrocities of childhood

Wednesday, March 20

Tuesday, March 19

the computer fan takes a deep breath & sighs

Monday, March 18

the first two daffodils, snipped off at the base & drinking water from the vases

Wednesday, March 13

joy is

...watching the sun tempt the purple crocuses to open their upside-down skirts on this cold spring morning

Tuesday, March 12

last night's granular snow in moss-like patches on the paving slabs
twenty minutes later evaporated into the sun

Monday, March 11

late Spring snow
swirling fast in the wind
making patterns against the tarmac:
snakes, loops, twirls

Sunday, March 10

Saturday, March 9

lemon & ginger steam
smelling yellowish
& sweet

Friday, March 8



the cold:


Thursday, March 7

Wednesday, March 6

Brian's present

in a tiny felt pocket
a tiny grain of rice
written on it:
Namo Amida Bu

Tuesday, March 5

Monday, March 4

Sunday, March 3

background: still
foreground: blue-tit, feeding
background: silent
foreground: sparrow chirps

Saturday, March 2

just when I think I have no energy left, I find some to plant three primroses in the pots out the front. splashes of yolky yellow, rims stained with red, ready to infuse me with Spring whenever I look at them.

Friday, March 1