Sunday, June 30

pale pink peony bobs its heavy head
all frilly luxuriance

Friday, June 14

cake in the oven. lemony wafts trickling upstairs...

Thursday, June 13

As the recycling van hoists the green plastic bins into its belly, it makes a sound like someone blowing through a huge wooden flute. Two notes. Tooooot toooot! Toooot toooot! It comes slowly towards our house, and sings its way slowly away.

Wednesday, June 12

Tuesday, June 11

two empty chairs
face the garden
& relax into
the late

Thursday, June 6

Roshi launches himself up the tree like a home-made rocket. The bird flies off. He wobbles his way slowly down.

Wednesday, June 5

white porcelain bird
hiding behind
wine coloured leaves
with new-growth green

Tuesday, June 4

An other-worldy breeze trickles in at the window, past the shivering green tongues of fern and over the skin of my hands as I type. It carries sliding blackbird song & the occasional thunder of train. I breathe it in.

Monday, June 3

golden Buddha
washing cat
both spotlit by morning

Sunday, June 2


as each person speaks I think there is no more room in me for love and fellow feeling and then some leaks out of my eyes and there is

Saturday, June 1

The game

Selena hands the keys to me
I give them to Kaspa
He gives them back to her
We play it over and over
with joy