Saturday, November 30

when everything is done
I seek more things
that need doing

Friday, November 29

dark brown streaks on the underside of the grass-green fronds
as if someone has drawn them deliberately with a marker pen

Thursday, November 28

two plump guinea fowl
spattered in white
with little red crests
and big black eyes
ready to fly
across the world
for someone's

Wednesday, November 27

Tuesday, November 26

a single red apple-bauble
still hangs
from the big tree next door

Monday, November 25

five minutes walk
across the field
and the hills
are huge
in front of me.

everything drops
into perspective.

how small I am.

Sunday, November 24

a generous glob
of satay sauce
without satay


Saturday, November 23

christmas shopping

all day wondering
would she like this?
would he like this?

trying to put their happiness
above my needing-to-be-right

Friday, November 22

after all this time
the lobelia is still going
holding up its pastel blue petals
white hearts giving out light
as the year turns

Wednesday, November 20

Buddhist service

We use the same flowers as last week - great heads of hydrangea, dried to musky pink. I feel guilt at not making a fresh offering to the Buddha.

Monday, November 18

tension between the shoulderblades
cracks & pops like rice crispies in milk

Sunday, November 17

put in a quiet room
heated slowly by a woodburner
and surrounded by books
until thoroughly

Thursday, November 14

Wednesday, November 13

Tuesday, November 12

12.44pm. Fatty jumps down from one chair & jumps up onto the other, identical chair. He makes a circle & goes back to sleep.

Monday, November 11

after running for the phone (and missing it) I take seven seconds to look out of the window. the roads are shiny with rain, and 1/15 is spray-painted onto the pavement in yellow paint. even in november the orange poppies are still making bright dots in the gloom. I come out of my computer bubble and take a few gulps of air before going back in.

Sunday, November 10

all day this determination to feel let down by others follows me like a sad dog

Saturday, November 9


Seeing the Christmas presents in November and having to wait, even a day, is too much.

Friday, November 8

vegan feast

she spent an hour looking at labels for us in waitrose.
it is delicious.

Thursday, November 7

the lime green tongues of plant
press their twisted faces
against the window
their colleagues
stretch up and
out in

Wednesday, November 6

a single apple
red & plump
hangs too high to reach

Tuesday, November 5

much harder to pluck
a small stone from memory
now that tuesday is gone

Monday, November 4

eczema fail

after seducing me with irresistible itching
my wrist is red
the skin puffed up

Sunday, November 3

in someone else's house
imagining our life here

Saturday, November 2

all day my body aches & makes me take a break from pushing myself to do more

Friday, November 1

after a short throaty glissando, dipping and then rising up and up
paws stretching out as if at a yoga class
he slips back into napping